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AutomaticDrill is the official website of Purros Machinery Co.,Ltd, since 2007 serving the engineering industry and is providing turnkey project with a team of mechanical, electrical and electronics engineers and technicians and innovating special purpose machine with a combination of 2 or more operations, such as milling, boring, drilling, tapping, pressing, broaching, and cleaning, assembly and testing machine for all kinds of industries are designed and manufactured in our company. These solutions can be used by CNC or PLC that depends up on the requirement of the customer.

Special Purpose Machine for Drilling & Tapping - Purros Machinery

Customization is must for special machines which we do after listening to the customer and that makes Purros to give the best solution for the automation of the products from designing and development, installation of the equipment at the client's end, proper commissioning, on-site training after sales and service.

Our company's infrastructure, including the latest machines and inspection instruments. We have the best vendor team to give us the best solution for customers.

● Automatic Drill Machine – Capable of performing hole processes and perfect for most drilling, reaming, chamfering or specialty process applications.
--- Self Feed Drill Units: Pneumatic power supply; Electric drilling to pinpoint and process fast; Adjustable drilling speed and fast return.
--- Servo Feed Drill Units: Adopt Servo control to manage the processing speed;Work fast while drilling slowly and fast return.

● Automatic Tapping Machine – Whether you Tapping one hole at a time or want to Tapping a dozen or more, we would love to assist you with our products. Many times, your own tapping press can be modified for the process!
--- Servo Feed Tapping Units: Adopt Servo control to manage the processing speed;Work fast while threading slowly and fast return.
--- Self Feed Tapping Units: The Self Feed Tapping Units (Synchro Tapper) is an electrically operated automatic tapping system that quickly completes work cycles through its fast-action approach and reverse strokes.

● Multi Spindle Heads – Available with as few as one or two spindles to as many as 100+ spindles. Multi-spindle head products are generally used for drilling or tapping, but often customized to be used for applications as diverse as the imagination.
--- Adjustable Universal Type: Available to adjust to any location of the hole on the same surface.
--- Adjustable Circular Type: Small size; High precision; Available to adjust to any location of the hole on the same surface.
--- Fixed Type: Available to custom-made bore pitch; High precision; High efficiency.

● Special Purpose Machines
Purros can design and build your special purpose machines. Be it automated, hydraulic or pneumatic customized. We will use customer specified quality material and parts. We have designed and manufactured a wide range of special purpose machines for milling, boring, drilling, tapping, chamfering, reaming. From concept to installation we will work closely with our customer designing and building their high quality machines.


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