Adjustable and fixed multi-spindle drilling and tapping head

AutomaticDrill Modified Adjustable and fixed multi-spindle drilling and tapping attachments can provide you with additional versatility for new or existing AutomaticDrill self-feed units. Many close center machining problems are handled easily with standard tools that can be adapted to fit a wide variety of applications throughout your shop floor.
Increased Productivity:
Machining two or more holes in a single operation reduces machining time and labor costs.

Cost Savings:
Fewer machining stations reduce the number of tools and components required for machining a part.

Fewer tools in operation reduce compressed air or electric usage.

The adjustable spindle heads can be used for any symmetrical pattern that falls within the min/max spindle center dimensions. The spindle centers are easily adjustable for slackening the screws adjacent to each spindle and turning the spindles to the required position.
For non-symmetrical patterns, the fixed spindle heads must be used. To quote fixed heads, a dimensional layout showing the hole pattern and a part drawing must be provided. Fixed spindle heads are made to order.



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