How to improve tapping efficiency

There are several ways to improve tapping efficiency:

1. Use a proper tapping tool: choose the right tool for the job and ensure that it is sharp and in good condition. The right tool will help to reduce tapping time and increase precision.

2. Use the appropriate cutting fluid: using a lubricant or coolant during the tapping process can improve the efficiency by reducing friction, heat, and tool wear.

3. Adjust the tapping speed: a faster tapping speed may improve efficiency, but too fast can cause tool damage or poor quality threads. Experiment and find the optimum speed for your specific tapping requirements.

4. Use appropriate materials: Be sure to use appropriate materials that are compatible with the tapping process, as some materials require a different approach.

5. Set proper tapping depth: proper tapping depth helps to minimize tap breakage and improves thread quality. 

6. Practice repetitive tapping: with repetition and practice, you'll become more efficient and faster in your tapping process.