Do you know the planetary roller screw?


Planetary roller screw

How it works: Planetary roller screws are a mechanical device that converts rotational motion into linear motion. Around the main threaded screw, the planet is arranged with 6-12 threaded roller screws, and the small threaded rollers in the roller nut are engaged with the main lead screw, and the nut structure is similar to the planetary gear box. Numerous contact points make the ball bearing capacity of the planetary ball screw very strong. The planetary roller screw has a similar structure to the ball screw. The difference is that the planetary roller screw load transfer element is a threaded roller, which is a typical line contact; and the ball screw load transfer element is a ball, which is a point contact. The main advantage is that there are numerous contact points to support the load. The replacement of the ball by the threaded roller will allow the load to be quickly released through numerous contact points for higher impact resistance. Carrying Capacity and Lifetime Planetary Roller Screws and Ball Screws have the advantage of being able to provide higher dynamic loads and static loads than ball screws. The replacement of balls with threaded rollers will allow the load to be quickly released through numerous contact lines, allowing for even more High impact resistance.

Roller screw advantage

1. In the same volume, the roller screw has a larger contact area, and the bearing capacity is evenly distributed over a larger surface. This reduces friction and extends service life.

2. The beads of the ball screw are different in the direction in which the roller paths move relative to each other, and the rollers are synchronously operated on the main lead screw. This roller screw can withstand higher input speeds for greater linear speeds.

3. The beads in the ball screw need to be switched at a certain point in the roller table. The roller and the main screw are synchronously moved in a circular motion, which is why the roller screw has less vibration and noise.

The transmission speed reaches 5000r/min, the maximum line speed is 2000mm/s, and the load movement can reach more than 10 million times. Compared with the modern international advanced ball screw, its axial bearing capacity is 3~5 times higher and the service life is higher. 10 times or more

Roller screw classification

Planetary roller screws are classified into: roller non-circulating and roller cyclic.