What is the general price of automatic drilling machine

author: Leo
There are many kinds of prices affecting automatic drilling machines, and the common ones are as follows:

1. Semi automatic drilling machine or fully automatic drilling machine.
・Semi automatic drilling machines are generally manually loaded and unloaded. The processing steps of the machine are generally: workers load, machine fixtures automatically clamp, products automatically drill and process. After processing, the fixtures automatically open and workers unload.
・Full-automatic drilling machine generally adopts the vibrating disc for automatic feeding, and the cylinder for automatic unloading. The machining steps of the machine are generally: the workers put the products to be processed into the vibrating disc at one time, the vibrating disc will automatically transfer the products, the fixture will clamp automatically, and the machine will start automatic drilling. When the drilling is completed, the fixture will open automatically, and the cylinder will push the products to the track, Drop the product into the box.

(fully automatic drilling machine)

2. Single station drilling machine or multi station drilling machine
・Single station drilling machine is generally a spindle head drilling.
・Multi station drilling machine tools usually use rotating disc or sliding table to realize multi angle and multi station drilling.

3. Single spindle processing or multiple spindle processing
・Single spindle processing is like ordinary bench drilling machine. One hole is processed one by one.
・Multiple spindle processing, we generally use multi spindle drill head, which can process multiple holes at the same time, greatly improving the drilling efficiency.

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