What is the work of a special purpose machine?

Special Purpose Machines, commonly known as SPM machines, are mostly unavailable off the shelf. Unlike other machines, these don’t fall in the category of standard manufacturing programs. These machines are specially designed and tailored as per one’s specific demand. SPMs are also known as bespoke machines and specially designed machines. special purpose machines are crafted to deal with special tasks such as fulfilling mass demands, producing materials with complete automation and so on. 

As far as the functioning is concerned, SPMs are heavy-duty machines that cater to high product demand. With special tools and fixtures, these machines are used to mass-produce products throughout the day.
Generally, special purpose machines consist of multiple combinations of logic controls, sensors, switches, wires, automatic job clamping, etc.

you can produce with SPMs include shifter fork, wheel flange, clutch sleeves, shifter cam, and so on. The heavy-duty SPMs are best suited for the day-in and day-out mass production of components used in operations like drilling, tapping, boring, chamfering, turning, and more.

If you opt for a good quality special purpose machine, it can work with 4 to 8 stations simultaneously, pending the production requirements.