What materials can an auto feed drill unit drill through?

Auto feed drill unit can drill through a wide range of materials, including metal, wood, plastic, concrete, and stone. The choice of drilling bit and drilling speed may vary depending on the specific material being drilled.
1. Metal: such as steel, iron, aluminum, copper, brass, and titanium.
2. Wood: such as softwood and hardwood.
3. Plastic: such as PVC, acrylic, nylon, and polycarbonate.
4. Glass and ceramics: special drill bits are required for these materials.
5. Masonry: such as concrete, brick, and stone.
6. Composite materials: such as fiberglass and carbon fiber.
However, the specific drilling capacity of your drill unit may depend on its horsepower, spindle speed, torque, and other technical specifications.  It's always best to consult the user manual or contact us for recommendations on the materials that can be drilled with your specific model of drill unit.