Application Advantage of PLC in Control System of Automatic Drilling and Tapping Machine


The mechanical drive of the tapping drilling machine adopts linear guide and ball screw to clamp the hydraulic pressure. The four axes work at the same time. After the workpiece is installed, the machining is completed once, which is 2 to 4 times of manual punching. It can operate multiple devices by one person. And reduce the labor intensity of workers. Rotary table and clamp are used to complete the movement and clamping of the workpiece to realize automatic machining; drilling slide and hole power head for adjusting the drilling volume and drilling; the movement of the table, the clamp of the fixture Tightening, relaxation, movement of the drilling slide and the tapping slide are all controlled by the hydraulic system. The movement of the table and the clamping and relaxation of the clamp are controlled by a solenoid valve.

First, the configuration of the electrical control system

(1) Touch screen TG765-MT, touch screen screen has main screen, parameter setting, product specification selection, manual, automatic screen, alarm screen, status monitoring.

(2) PLC, XC3-32RT-E, two PLCs realize four-axis pulse control function and six station rotation, and input and output terminals are connected in series to realize the loading and unloading process.

(3) Input and output expansion module, because many cylinders and photoelectric switches are used in the equipment, two input and output expansion modules are required.

(4) Servo DS3, four-axis servo performs chamfering, punching 1, punching 2, tapping.

Second, the application advantages of PLC

(1) Flexibility design: There are four product type specifications in the whole system, which can be flexibly selected in the touch screen during use, which brings a lot of convenience to customers.

(2) Good operability: Click the button directly on the touch screen to perform the required work, improve work efficiency, automate the drilling and tapping system, and flexibly set parameters for customers to design their own product specifications.

(3) Good reliability: Xinjie advanced XC series PLC is used in the system to realize quantitative control algorithm. At the same time, by setting multiple timers and weight parameters, the cutting process can be adjusted to the maximum to adapt to various occasions. Need, and every timer and parameter can be adjusted; the stability of the product can make the equipment run stably for a long time.

(4) Compact structure, small size, light weight, easy to achieve mechatronics.

(5) PLC control system design, installation and debugging are convenient. Because software programming replaces the hardware wiring to realize the control function, the installation workload is greatly reduced. The designer only needs one PLC to design the control system, and can The laboratory performs simulation debugging.

(6) Perfect function and strong expansion ability, PLC can easily realize large-scale switching logic control, which is not realized by general relays. There are many control functions inside the PLC to realize process control, digital control, and networking functions. .

After applying the automatic PLC control system, the automation degree of the machine and the quality of the product are improved, the enterprise benefits are increased, and the application can be widely applied.