What is non-standard automation machinery?


What is non-standard automation machinery? It is a customized production equipment for customers, and its circulation is extremely small! I have been in this industry for many years and have worked with a wide range of companies. There are no shortage of Fortune 500 companies, and there are also a lot of foreign capital. The earliest contact with Taiwan equipment, then Japanese equipment, American equipment, Korean equipment, Italy and Spain have also been in contact, each has its own style!

When many colleagues are engaged in this industry, they are like dough and are always and do not become noodles. In fact, what we need is silk lacing, a main line, and then branching, whether it is design or assembly. Ok, on-site debugging is also good, always have a clear main line!

What is the most important thing if the non-standard is to meet the needs of customers? I think it is stability! If a piece of equipment is produced, it will be considered successful if it is used continuously for N hours without troubleshooting. Just like a car, with panoramic sunroof, adaptive cruise, automatic parking, one-click start, etc., are these important? The important thing is that there is no abnormal noise, no fault alarm, clear steering, and how many airbags... These basic functions are the most important, and others are auxiliary functions. Otherwise, the automatic becomes semi-automatic, the semi-automatic becomes manual, and the tooling becomes purely handmade!

Non-standard remaining such as production cost, beat, safety, ergonomics, easy maintenance, friendly operation interface, etc., are all auxiliary!

To be stable, the factors of influence are two aspects: organization and control.

First of all, the organization, before the design agency, the layout must be thoughtful, which is destined to the space of the equipment, the reintroduction will delay a lot of time, a lot of energy. When designing, it is not necessarily the NB organization, but the appropriate organization. This link requires experience accumulation (such as reference).

I have always believed that a simple organization can satisfy, and there is no need for complicated institutions. Whether it is cost considerations or post-maintenance, it is harmful and unhelpful. Why is Volkswagen Santana still running on the street? Even repairing motorcycles can eliminate some faults! For some inexperienced processes, you must do experimental verification! ! ! There is still a gap between theory and practice. The selection of standard parts of the mechanism is also important. The unsuitable standard parts directly affect the production quality and service life. For example, the cylinder bore diameter is small, resulting in insufficient riveting or instability. The cylinder bore is large and the impact force is large, resulting in the entire module. Shaking, the guide bushing uses a linear bearing or the like.

The second is the control part. The control part is divided into components and programs (including lines). The components are mainly selected. Many mechanical design engineers have a half-solution to the control components. For example, sensor, they think that A can be selected. Actually, the device often causes the device to alarm without cause, or the servo motor does not calculate the torque, resulting in insufficient rigidity. The CCD does not calculate the area and pixels. Points make the measurement accuracy less than required, the screw does not look at the pitch so that the beat can not keep up, etc., similar to these are common low-level mistakes! The other part is the program and the line, the machine stops for no reason, the reset does not work, the power must be restarted, and the high-speed folding back of the drag chain causes the multi-core wire to break. Although these failures will not directly lead to cost increase, it will cost a lot in the process of elimination. Time, sometimes for a certain signal without warning, can actually waste a day to investigate.