Characteristics of Servo Driver


1. Servo driver software program mainly includes main program, interrupt service program and data exchange program.

2. The main program of the servo driver is mainly used to complete the initialization of the system, the LO interface control signal, and the setting of each control module register in the DSP.

3. After all the initialization work of the servo driver is completed, the main program enters the waiting state and waits for the interruption to occur, so as to adjust the current loop and the speed loop.

4. servo drive initialization mainly includes DsP core initialization, current loop and speed loop cycle setting, PWM initialization, four M start, ADc initialization and start, QEP initialization, vector and permanent magnet synchronous motor rotor initial position initialization, multiple times Servo motor phase current sampling, zero offset of phase current, current and speed P regulation initialization, etc.

5. PWM timing interrupt program is used to sample the Hall current sensor A, B two-phase current ia, ib sampling, calibration, and according to the magnetic field orientation control principle, calculate the rotor magnetic field orientation angle, then angle, and then generate PWM The signal controls the position loop and the speed loop.

6. The power drive protection interrupt program is mainly used to detect the fault output of the intelligent power module.

7. The zero-pulse capture interrupt program of the photoelectric encoder can realize accurate and accurate capture of the encoder feedback zero pulse, so that the correction value of the vector transformation orientation angle of the AC permanent magnet synchronous motor can be obtained.

8. The data exchange program mainly includes the communication program with the host computer, the reading of the EEPRoM parameter, and the digital tube display program. The storage controller keyboard value for the parameter.