How to Choose a Good Boring and Milling Spindle Head


With the rapid development of science and technology, the parts in the machinery manufacturing industry are becoming more standardized and generalized. The traditional processing of boring and milling heads has not kept up with the demand of production. The multi-functional power head has emerged as the times require, and has been rapidly developed. In the processing industry, the status is getting higher and higher.



Boring and milling spindle head features

1. The spindle head adopts the labyrinth waterproof structure design, which effectively avoids the cutting fluid and dust entering the spindle during the production process, ensuring the service life and accuracy of the spindle head.

2 The main shaft box is made of high-toughness iron casting, which is treated by artificial natural double aging treatment, which is wear-resistant and not easy to be deformed.

The 3 spindles are precision forged from high quality alloy steel.

The 4 bearing adopts p5 grade angular contact matched bearing produced by Luoyan Technology.



Boring/milling spindle head instructions

1. The installation method of the boring and milling power head, because it is convenient to process the workpiece, it is necessary to choose a suitable installation method. However, the structure of the power head front TV and the rear motor installation is different. If it is not selected in advance, it is also a troublesome problem when it is not convenient to use at that time.


2, to know the material of the machining of the boring and milling power head, the hardness, the size of the workpiece, the amount of the margin, because these directly determine the processing capacity of the power head, easy to adapt the power of the motor.


3. Know how much the processing speed is, so that it is convenient to select the motor speed ratio, which plays an important role in the processing effect of the workpiece.


4. The size and model of the tool holder of the boring and milling power head are convenient to configure the clamping method.


5, need to understand the processing and production process (boring, milling, drilling, tapping, reaming), because the power head processing ability is different, if the selection is too small, the processing will be difficult, the machine will be problematic, causing damage If the selection is too large, the price cost will increase, and sometimes the efficiency will decrease.


6, need to understand the circuit control system, what kind of CNC control system needs to be configured.


7. Understand the use environment of the boring and milling power head, so as to make necessary protective measures.