Multi Spindle Adjustable heads, Fixed and Special Multiple Spindle Heads


Multi Spindle Adjustable heads

Adjustable centre heads are suitable for drilling or tapping 2 holes or 3 holes equi-spaced in a straight line and 3 or 4 holes equi-spaced on a common PCD.

Although the 3 spindle adjustable head is primarily designed to suit equi-spaced holes on a common PCD, it is also suitable for various other 3 hole patterns. Therefore please supply a suitable dimensional drawing to enable us to establish compatibility with the hole pattern in question.

Fixed and Special Multiple Spindle Heads

Multi-spindle heads allow you to reduce the time needed to machine a single piece, making more than one operation at once. Automotive part makers have used these types of heads for many years to achieve extremely high productivity.

Our experience and know how allows us to design, develop and innovate multi-spindle heads with fixed and adjustable distances; or even very close distances; and with high rotational speed.

The precision is guaranteed for whole production series, because the same head machine all the pieces. Any number of spindles can be done, the most common are between 2 and 24 spindles. This heads are mainly used for drilling, tapping, reaming and milling in all kind for materials.

The machine itself is the limit for the head, power and machine attachment will limit the number of spindles and the operations that can perform.

Multi-spindle heads can be fitted on drill press machines, columns drilling machines, radial drill presses, machining units, automated production machines, transfer machines and machining centers.

We do tailor-made project for each application to fit every customer requirements. Any spindle pattern, with coolant through, different speeds for each spindle, wide range of output types and attachments to the machine. We can achieve everything required.