Current situation of drilling for Automotive parts


Automotive parts need to be combined between each other to make the vehicle, so many parts have holes, and most parts with multiple holes. Now commonly used processing methods are: Bench drill, Radial drill and Machining center.

Bench drill and Radial drill processing: Small drill prices are relatively low, but the technical capacity of workers have a direct impact on the product, porous parts processing, mobile, hole, rapid drilling,A skilled worker needs a long time to practice it,In the current talent first society, high labor costs. But workers do not need too high a level of culture.While the processing accuracy of small drilling machine is not particularly good,Small drilling machine for medium or small batch, the processing accuracy is not high parts.

Radial drillBench drill

Machining center processing: The most expensive, the general processing center prices should be tens of thousands of dollars or more,But the precision machining center,Can be adapted to the processing of various parts of the process.Processing efficiency is not particularly high in the processing center.At the same time the processing center of the requirements of the programming staff is the highest, this talent is the most scarce.Machining center for medium or small batch, high precision machining parts.

Machining center

The above is the traditional car parts drilling processing comparison, but in order to improve production efficiency and save labor costs, Purros Machinery can design and build your special purpose machines. Be it automated, hydraulic or pneumatic customized. We will use customer specified quality material and parts. We have designed and manufactured a wide range of special purpose machines for milling, boring, drilling, tapping, chamfering, reaming. Significant savings in production costs, improve production efficiency.

Author: Leo Jiang
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