Do you know the life of the auto parts and the replacement cycle?


When people are old, their body organs will age. The same is true of the car's parts. When the wear of parts is long, the safety of the car will be affected, and even the car will be scrapped. Then the friends know the life of the parts of the car and the replacement cycle ?

    The first is the brake fluid: the brake fluid needs to be replaced in 2 years or 50,000 kilometers. After a long time, the emulsification deteriorates, which easily leads to brake failure.

    Brake pad: Check once every 5,000 km. The time and life of the brake pad are related to everyone's driving habits. The thickness of the brake pad is generally 1.5cm. When it is less than 0.5cm, it needs to be replaced.

    Battery: Generally need to be replaced once in 6 years, the power supply of the car must be sufficient to ensure sufficient power.
    Wiper: In the summer, you must check the wiper. Because it is used most frequently in summer, you must pay attention to the inspection. The cleaning is replaced and the replacement is replaced.
Air filter: The air filter needs attention at any time. If it is blocked, the intake air will become smaller, the engine efficiency will decrease, and the engine will easily produce carbon deposits.
    Gasoline filter: If the fuel filter is 1-2 million kilometers, if there is no replacement, there will be more impurities in the engine, which will accelerate the wear of the gear. However, the use of semi-synthetic engine oil 5000 km, fully synthetic engine oil 10,000 km replacement, this should be based on the quality of the oil and other factors, too early and too late are not good.
    Spark plug: 20,000-80,000 km, the life of the resistance spark plug is 20,000 km, the life of the platinum spark plug is 40,000 km, and the life of the sheet metal spark plug can reach 60 to 80,000 km.
    Timing belt: 6-10 million kilometers, if the timing belt can not work, the cylinder may be directly damaged, and the driving will also bring huge hidden dangers.
    Tires: The life of tires is related to the brand, but the normal service life is about 5 years. This is determined by the quality of the tires. When the tires are tempered, the aging will be cracked and the carrying capacity will be reduced. It is especially prone to puncture, so it is timely. replace. However, the usual use of the mark if the tire wears into the gear groove also needs to be replaced.

    In fact, the parts of the car have a long life, but the parts have a lot to do with the habits of each person and the environment of the car. Therefore, the maintenance should pay more attention to the observation, the replacement of the replacement, the maintenance of the maintenance.