What are the advantages of servo drilling machines over ordinary drilling machines?

The advantages of servo drilling machines over ordinary drilling machines are:

1. High precision: Servo drilling machines use servo control systems to control the movement of the motor and workpiece, resulting in higher drilling accuracy. Ordinary drilling machines typically rely on manual operation, which is subject to the operator's level of skill.

2. Good stability: The servo control system of a servo drilling machine can ensure the stability of the machine during operation, further improving the quality and efficiency of drilling. Ordinary drilling machines have poor stability and may experience imbalanced cutting loads, which can affect drilling performance.

3. Programmable: Servo drilling machines are usually equipped with numerical control programming, which enables automated operation and improves production efficiency and consistency. In contrast, ordinary drilling machines can only be operated manually, resulting in lower production efficiency.

4. Multifunctional: Servo drilling machines can perform multiple drilling tasks without the need for equipment replacements, greatly enhancing production efficiency. Ordinary drilling machines can only perform single drilling tasks.

In summary, servo drilling machines have the advantages of high precision, good stability, programmability, and multifunctionality, making them suitable for production fields that require high drilling accuracy and efficiency.