Why choose special purpose machine for machining instead of machining centers?

There may be several reasons for choosing special purpose machine for machining instead of machining centers:

Firstly, special purpose machine can be customized according to specific production needs, and can produce products of different shapes and materials, making it easier to meet the needs of customized production. Machining centers usually require longer preparation time and more personnel input to adjust machining programs and machine settings, and cannot respond to changes as quickly as special purpose machine.

Secondly, special purpose machine usually have higher positioning accuracy, stability, and mechanical strength, especially for products with higher production requirements, which can better guarantee the quality of the products. In comparison, the convertibility and operational freedom of machining centers are higher, but the stability and accuracy of some complex machining workpieces are limited.

In addition, in the case of large batches, single or repetitive machining tasks, special purpose machine have higher machining efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This is because special purpose machine can automate repetitive processes by setting machining programs, while machining centers require manual intervention to adjust and switch intermediate processes.

In summary, whether to choose special purpose machine or machining centers depends on the specific production needs and machining and quality requirements. It is necessary to consider factors such as production cycle, quantity, material, quality requirements, and cost-effectiveness to make decisions.