Why do people order special purpose machines as against mass produced machines?

Special purpose machines are sought after in light of the fact that they manage the work they are made for all the more effectively when analysed against mass delivered machines accessible on the lookout.
This efficiency can be measured in two ways. In other words, people order special purpose machines for two reasons.
1.  The first is to save money.
leads to a considerably less amount of investment in the long term.
lower power consumption.
less wastage material.
2. The second reason is the aspect of time
Which is a major commodity when it comes to commercial industries.
In fact, indirectly speaking, even the saving of time due to the use of special purpose machines can be taken as a way of saving money.
Therefore, an engineer job in the special purpose machinery industry would require an engineer to optimise a process as much as is logically possible with the help of the machine
Various types of special purpose machines
SPM for metal cutting
Special purpose computer numerical control machine
SPM for vertical turning machine
Rotary indexing drilling and tapping SPM
SPMs for multi and simultaneous operations such as drilling, milling, boring etc
Increase in productivity
Less time consuming
Reduces maintenance and servicing cost
Increase in production rate and tool life
Less complicated
High durability
Effective in mass production
Special purpose machines  are designed to satisfy specific production requirements, taking into account complexity of component and production rate required. In the production process there is a long felt need to improve the quality of product, minimise rejection and increase the productivity per person, to cater to the pressing circumstances in the globalised world economy.