How can multiple holes be processed simultaneously?

Multiple holes can be processed simultaneously using various techniques such as:

1. Multi-spindle Drilling: This involves using a drilling machine with multiple spindles that can drill several holes simultaneously. The spindles can be set up at various angles to drill holes in different positions.

2. Gang Drilling: In this method, a group of drilling machines is arranged together to drill holes simultaneously in one component. This is usually done for small components such as printed circuit boards.

3. Milling: Milling machines can be programmed to drill multiple holes at once. They can also be equipped with multiple drill bits to increase the number of holes that can be processed simultaneously.

4. Laser Drilling: Laser drilling machines can drill multiple holes at once with high precision. The laser can be programmed to drill holes in different sizes and shapes simultaneously. This method is commonly used in the electronic industry.

In summary, the method used to process multiple holes simultaneously depends on the nature of the workpiece, the size and number of the holes required, and the precision needed.