Air Pulse Damper


The air pulsation damper is a sealed tank that relies on liquid to directly compress the air in the tank to cushion. The biggest drawback of air dampers is that the air inside will gradually dissolve into the conveying medium, resulting in less and less compressible air, which can also reduce the buffering effect. The damper should be removed from the equipment regularly. The medium inside the empty space ensures the internal space, so it is a little troublesome to maintain during use. However, its price is relatively low, so it is suitable for some systems that do not require too much buffering.

Volume selection method: Multiply the volume (ml) of each stroke by 26 to obtain the minimum volume that can reduce the pulse by 90%.

Installation requirements

1. The pulsation damper should be installed as close as possible to the pump outlet. If the line between the pump outlet and the pulsation damper is too long, vibration may occur in the pipeline.

2. It is possible to increase the system resistance by using a pulsation damper.

3. can not be installed upside down

4. with the back pressure valve together, the buffer effect is better.