What should you pay attention to during the operation of CNC drilling power head?


What should you pay attention to during the operation of CNC drilling power head?

The CNC drilling power head is a mechanical device that realizes the drilling, boring and milling functions by driving the gear shifting mechanism with a motor. From the mechanical design point of view, the CNC drilling power head is a very simple variable speed transmission mechanism, which is rich in form, but the basic principle is not changed. It is driven by the motor to drive the gear mechanism, then the CNC drilling power What are the operating procedures for the head in use?

1. During the use of the power head, the operator must not leave the job without authorization.

2. The hydraulic system of the power head should be tight and smooth, and the internal oil pressure, oil quantity and oil temperature should be maintained within the specified requirements.

3. If it is used in winter, because the temperature is low, the power head should be started to make it idling, and all the parts of the power head can be fully warmed up when it is warmed up.

4. If it is a two-person joint operation of a power head, then two people should be clear about their duties and understand their work.

5. For some large and heavy workpieces, there should be many people to match the clamping or use mechanical assistance.

6. It is forbidden to transfer tools, fixtures or other items above the power head in operation, and it is forbidden to directly touch the workpiece during processing by hand.

7. It is forbidden to use a hand with a lubricated coolant to touch the cotton yarn to cool the rotating tool or workpiece.

8. The remaining scraps on the machine tool and some materials used for sporadic are prohibited from being removed by hand. If debris is wound on the tool or on the workpiece, it can only be removed with an iron hook, and the machine tool should be stopped.

9. When operating the machine, do not use the stand on the machine or on the machine.

10. When checking the accuracy, measuring the size, proofing the die cutting position or the changing position of the workpiece, or the machine does not sound normally, it must stop.